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Hello and thank you for finding us in the vast chasm known as the interwebs. I started this blog because I know there are so many families out there who dream of taking the kids (or themselves) to the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World. We didn’t know how much we loved Disney until we went in 2013 with our then 5 year old. My mom offered to pay for our vacation for little one’s birthday. I had 2 months to plan a dream vacation at the busiest vacation destination in the U.S. I had no idea how complicated it was, from booking a resort (value, moderate or deluxe?) to booking meals-yes, you have to figure out where you’ll be eating months ahead of arriving. I learned a lot very quickly and still feel like there’s so much to learn.

That’s us! At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Well, once we arrived, my Disney-centered childhood came rushing back. Cinderella! I remember her! The teacups! I rode these when I was 4 years old! It didn’t take long for us to drink the kool-aid and get totally hooked. The rides, the characters, the theming, the food. There is so much to love about this place. And, of course, you have four parks to visit, making it 4 times as fun and 4 times more complicated to plan everything. When we arrived home, the first thing we thought was, when can we go back…and how? It’s one thing to have your vacation paid for by a very generous relative, but that doesn’t happen very often. We’re an average family. My husband works like crazy so that I can stay home and be a full-time mom to my sweet girl. We have a budget in theory, but that often gets tossed out the window if I don’t feel like cooking dinner and we’re all cranky and hungry. But we did it. We planned carefully, scaled back on extras and vacationed again in 2015. And guess what? We’re going again this year, in spite of some curveballs thrown our way (isn’t that what keeps life interesting though?)

Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom

So, I hope you’ll enjoy following along on our journey to save and plan for our next adventure. Maybe I can share something new that will help you on your path to your dream vacation. Come along!


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