Avoid These Disney Mistakes!

We just got back from our latest Disney trip and I have to say, we are getting better at “doing Disney.” We are learning new “hacks” on every trip and honestly, it makes our vacations more fun, even when the parks are crowded. So, with that being said, here is a list of some of the most common mistakes that people are doing and how to avoid them!

  • Not choosing Fastpasses wisely. Avoiding long lines for attractions is key to enjoying your Disney vacation. Using Fastpass+ is a really smart way to skip the lines of the most popular attractions, saving time and tempers. Schedule your fastpasses about an hour after the park opens, then you can rope drop several rides with low waits and skip the lines when the park gets busier. After using your first 3, keep making fastpasses, one at a time to keep the good times going! If you’re park hopping, make your fastpass for the next park you’ll be visiting so you can get right on a ride as soon as you arrive.
  • Not using mobile ordering. Mobile ordering is a game changer and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of using it for meals and snacks. While waiting in line for 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, order your lunch at Columbia Harbour House. Hit the “I’m here.” button when you get there and voila! Food! Another tip in this same vein is to order your quick serve meal at Be Our Guest before you arrive, allowing you to waltz past the line of people waiting in the hot sun to order their food. You can order for breakfast or lunch at BOG through the MDE app or on your computer before you leave home. If you do nothing else on this list, do this!
Don’t let bad weather ruin your day!
  • Neglecting to do your research. Research Florida weather, menu offerings, ride height restrictions, stroller restrictions, and other Disney rules and regulations to avoid being severely disappointed during your visit. Rules change often. Being in the know can help your whole trip sail smoother than a pirate ship through Neverland.
  • Not preparing for the weather. You’ve researched the weather. Now prepare! Between the rain and unrelenting heat, Florida is not always as picture perfect as it appears on the Disney promotional videos. Ponchos, rain jackets, or umbrellas, as well as sunscreen, water, and hats/ sunglasses are must haves. Don’t be deceived by the clouds. You can still get a pretty bad sunburn even on an overcast day.
Get out of the heat at one of the amazing shows!
  • Not having a plan B. It’s important to prepare for the fact that not everything will always go according to plan on your vacation. Someone might get sick, your little one’s favorite ride might be down (check the refurbishments schedule to always know which rides will be down during your visit) or the weather might not be cooperating. Having a backup plan will help calm frazzled nerves and temper tantrums (I’m looking at you, Dad.) Maybe find a quiet covered spot with a Starbucks to ride out a rain storm, or head back for a nap if the kids are over-tired and hot. Keep expectations reasonable so nobody gets too bent out of shape if plans have to change.
Keep the kids happy!

While I can’t promise your vacation will be all unicorns and rainbows, avoiding these common mistakes can make your family’s Disney trip much more enjoyable. Have you come up with any tips to make your Disney travels easier? We would love to hear them in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to get more Disney hacks and pro tips every month!

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