The Ins and Outs of DVC

Hello and welcome to 2019! Sorry I've been away for so long. My mom got sick last summer, and our priority has been getting her better for much of 2018. I also went back to work part time after a few months away. But we also found time to get away to our favorite place! … Continue reading The Ins and Outs of DVC

The Best New Things at Walt Disney World in 2018

Hey guys! As you know we just got back from our August trip to WDW and we got to experience some awesome new things along the way. That is one of the greatest things about Disney is that it's never the same vacation twice. I think NDL's (non-Disney lovers, a breed of person I just … Continue reading The Best New Things at Walt Disney World in 2018

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018

Hello out there! Is it autumn yet? Well, technically no, but Magic Kingdom has started their Halloween party so it can't be too far off. We attended the very first party of the year on August 17th, and we're here to tell you the lowdown on this seasonal hard ticket event. The dates for the … Continue reading Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018

Planning Our Next Walt Disney World Trip!

Well, we agreed we were going to skip Disney this year and take our 10 year old to Universal Orlando. But things change, and when Disney's "free dining" promotion came out in April, I couldn't resist the temptation to just see what was available. Luckily, the dates were extended an extra 3 weeks early to … Continue reading Planning Our Next Walt Disney World Trip!

Top Disney Questions…Answered!

Hello out there! It's another snow day in the south (at least we have actual snow for this one) so what better time to throw a movie on Netflix and do some blogging? I have joined a few Disney trip planning groups on Facebook, because I like to share my views, help newbies, and learn … Continue reading Top Disney Questions…Answered!

Disney Cruise Tips!

Hey everybody! I can't believe it's been a month since our first Disney cruise. It was such a fantastic time and it was over way too soon. As always, I want to share some tips I learned. I hope you find this helpful if you are planning to cruise in the near future. Consider a … Continue reading Disney Cruise Tips!

Adventure in Pandora! Part Deux

Hi again! We're finishing up our trip report of Pandora: World of  Avatar in Animal Kingdom. We visited back in August, only a few months after it opened to the public. Like I said in the first part of this post, we are not huge Avatar fans, but that didn't stop us from enjoying this … Continue reading Adventure in Pandora! Part Deux

Halloween with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom: A Trip Report

Hello Disney fans! We just came back from our very first Disney cruise last week and, oh my goodness, was it incredible! (We will share every detail in an upcoming blog post, but stay with me here.) A few weeks before we were set to leave on this wondrous adventure, my husband and I were … Continue reading Halloween with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom: A Trip Report